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How to Find a Good And Reliable Electrician?

Whether you need fresh installation, repair or replacement, you must hire someone who knows their work. Not all technicians you see advertising their workout deliver the required quality. There are several qualities to look for when hiring your local all day electrician for home and commercial premises. Here are some of the things to consider before hiring.

Communication Skills

You need to work with someone you can discuss your needs with and come up with a mutual agreement. A good electrician should be ready to listen and open to discussion in regards to work schedule, quotation, and other things. An electrician works with a diverse range of people and understands that customers are different in terms of needs, preferences, and budget. A good electrician should ensure their customers are kept updated with the project development. They should develop a good working relationship and ensure their customers are comfortable.

Time Management

Time management is one of the best qualities to look into a reliable electrician. Some of the electricians are not time conscious and unable to finish their work on time hence messing up your schedule as well. You know someone who is a good time manager based on how they communicate and plan their work. Do they have a proper work schedule? Do they set appointments with their clients? If these questions are positive, then that’s a sign of someone who can manage their time well.

Qualifications and Experience

You can’t hire an amateur to do your electrician work, especially when doing the first-time installation. Electrical work is very delicate, and getting someone with little or no experience not only exposes you to poorly done work but also dangers such as a short circuit. Before hiring, make sure you go through their academic qualifications and work experience. If possible, let your local all day electrician service provider show you their portfolio. You need to see the work they’ve done before and how successful they were.

Recommendations and Reviews

A recommendation is one factor to consider when hiring a technician. Many people who take the recommendations from people they trust have all the reasons to smile as they get the best electricians who offer excellent and reliable services. Ensure you ask for their recommendation letters, make calls to their referees, and even have a direct engagement with a reliable company. Alternatively, you can go to their website and see what their previous clients are saying about them. If they have many positive reviews, it’s a good sign that they are reliable and you can trust them with your electrical work.

Insurance and License

Of all the qualities of a good electrician, the license and insurance are the most essential as this is what permits them to carry out their electrical services. We are living in an era where people possess fake documents to earn a living. For instance, you may come across well-known electricians ready to work but, unfortunately, fail to have valid insurance and license documents. If anything happens at your work home or workplace, for instance, an accident, you have nowhere to report them because they are not recognized. You will also not get compensated because they have no insurance cover. For your peace of mind, never overlook these two things when hiring a local all day electrician.


Finding a good and reliable electrician should never be stressful if you take your time to research and understand all the requirements. Remember, everyone is out here to make money and someone will not tell you point blank that they’re not experienced. It’s your duty to find the best one and have peace of mind because of a well-done job.

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Cost to Install an Electrical Outlet in 2020

Homeowners may encounter a familiar household expense, whether they live in a home, or are doing some remodeling, and that’s having an electrical outlet installed.

First things first. A replacement electrical outlet is not the type of jobs homeowners with some handyman experience, or a friend of a friend want to tackle.

In order to get the job done safely and right, and in particular avoid electrical fires, which the National Fire Protection Association estimates happens between 45,000 and 55,000 thousand times per year. you need a licensed electrician to do the work, and they aren’t cheap.

Electricians normally include the costs of the outlet itself in a quote, but on average the price will be around $55 per hour nationally, but as expensive as $100 per hour or more.

Besides the type of outlets, a great deal depends upon the type of work required. Replacing or fixing an existing outlet that is already wired, is significantly cheaper than installing new units that need to be wired up.

According to Angie’s list, one of nation’s premier home repair and referral services, one electrician they interviewed advised that he could replace between 6 and 12 existing outlets per hour, while a brand new 220 range or dryer outlet involved a minimum of 2-hours of labor alone.

As a consequence, the same All Day Electrician could replace a single replacement for as cheap as $10 or so an outlet plus the cost of materials, but a single new range or dryer outlet could run a homeowner up to $600.

Even for a less complicated 120 volt receptacle, if the unit is new, plan on at least an hour’s worth of labor plus material charges, so overall, a new receptacle will run a minimum of around $130 to as high as $290.

Older houses, needing a simple 120 volt, 2-prong outlet tend to be the cheapest.

A two-prong outlet has a “hot” and “neutral” line only. The hot line connects to the power, and a corresponding neutral line completes the electrical circuit.

Most modern homes have 3-prong outlets which include a “ground” wire that connects to the earth to drain unused power

The reason modern houses have 3-prong outlets is precisely to avoid electrical shortages and shocks.

Technically, in most locales, a 2-prong outlet is still legal (although not safe and up to code) and an electrician can replace a defective 2-prong outlet with another.

However, most electricians will refuse to do so, and in some locales, once a 2-prong outlet is defective, it can no longer be replaced with a second 2-prong unit.

To avoid expensive rewiring, what electricians do is to install a 3-prong Ground Fault Interrupter device or GFCI. A GFCI works by comparing the input current on the hot side to the output current on the neutral side.

If the input and the output are not equal, it means electricity is leaking somewhere, and the slightest deviation will immediately shut off the power supply.

YOur typical 2-prong, ungrounded outlet is dangerous but is particularly dangerous if there is any place where leaking water can help accelerate a leaking current such as a kitchen or a laundry room.

And by the way, don’t be fooled if a home has 3-prong plugs. Unfortunately, many homes were converted to 3-prong homes, without a grounding element in place.

Expect to pay an additional fee of around $130 if your electrician needs to install a GFCI unit.

The bottom line: expect to pay close to $300 overall for an installed unit, with and additional $150 labor if you need a 220 volt outlet installed.

Choose a good, All Day Electrician to do the work.

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Key Advantages of Manufactured Homes

So, you are thinking about buying your own home. There is nothing better than actually paying that monthly rent payment for your own home. No one tells you what you can and can’t do. in your home or yard. Now the decision is, whether to go for a stick-built home or a manufactured home.

Most people like stick-built homes only because of the misconceptions of people who live in manufactured homes. They have always been considered “trailer trash, druggies, and or criminals”. These misconceptions are quickly disappearing with manufactured homes today. They have the most up to date designs that everyone is clamoring for. They have huge open floor plans with kitchens that flow into living rooms.

So, what are some more advantages of manufactured over stick-built? First of all, is the cost. The main advantage is cost. A new site home averages about $84 a square foot, whereas a manufactured home, only costs about $41 a square foot. What a great way to get a brand new home that is affordable to just about everyone. The reason manufactured homes cost less is because they cost less to build.

How is this possible? Simple, site-built homes are unique and individual, meaning the prospective homeowners pick out all different items for their homes including countertops, cabinets, flooring and more. Manufactured homes are built in controlled circumstances, with just certain items that are bought in bulk quantities. It does not mean your choices are limited, as you can upgrade many items, but as mentioned, they are bought in bulk, so it lowers the costs of building these homes. Don’t forget the weather aspects too. There are no downtimes for rain or snow, as they are built inside.

Since 1976 HUD has made more regulations that require manufactured homes to be safe and energy-efficient. While it is still recommended to leave these homes, in extreme Hurricanes, or tornadoes, they are safer than ever now. Depending on the wind zone you live in, these homes can withstand winds up 100 and 110 MPH. As a matter of fact, there are stricter regulations on manufactured homes, than there is stick built, so you are probably better off buying a manufactured home. These homes are continuously inspected, throughout the whole building step process, from being built to being installed properly on your property.

One of everyone’s favorite advantages of buying a manufactured home is the amenities. AS mentioned earlier, because the manufacturers buy in bulk, you can get better quality items added for less cost than a traditionally built home. Marble window sills, fireplaces, walk-in closets, whirlpool, and ceiling fans, are just a few to name. Some companies will even have decks added into the package for you.

The last great advantage is financing. There are just as many options to choose from as with regular built homes, and possibly even some better. If you already own land, you can get easier financing. You are also able to get FHA, VA, and USDA loans as well.

Now that you have decided on a manufactured home, where do you find one? Just type in a search for manufactured homes where you live. For instance, if you live in Kansas, near Gardner, type in a manufactured home dealer in Gardner, and it will pop up with several for you to choose from. The listings for a manufactured home dealer in Gardner, turned up at least twenty in the nearby vicinity. Do your own search for your area, and pay some visits. Ask all the questions about the advantages, and see what their options are. Happy house hunting!