Four Signs Of A Slab Leak Problem

Early detection is not an option for homeowners who want to protect the value of their home, while also keeping their family in a safe environment that they can live in without unnecessary disruptions. Prevention is the key in determining how well an area in the home is taking care of properly, specifically as it relates to slab leaks and other related activities that can adversely affect the home’s condition. One of the best ways to deal with potential slab leaks is to inspect the home for problems and recognize the problems when they are encountered.

To get started with a plan, you need to know the signs that show that you and your family are experiencing problems with a leaky slab. Here are just a few that you and anyone else in the home should be able to identify right away.

1. Spike in water bill that is not only sudden but unexplained

Thankfully, when there is a slab leak that could cause devastating issues in the home’s overall condition, there are some telltale signs that can lead you to discovery much quicker than you might think. One of the most notable is the rise in the water bill that you really cannot explain but will need to find to keep from paying ridiculously high-water bills on a money basis. For instance, when the water bill goes through the roof, you can have a plumber to begin a plumbing inspection to see if the problem is due to a leak in the plumbing or a slab leak. The main goal during these times is to get to the source of the problem.

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2. Water pooling starts to pool in places that it shouldn’t

Another sign of problems with a slab leak can be identified through water pooling in places around the home. Particularly, when you are finding water that is a pool in places that should not be found. For instance, a pool of water may be found in dry places where there is really not plumbing at all.

3. Damp carpet or warped hard flooring

If you see signs of damp carpet and floors in places where there is no plumbing in the room, you may discover that there is what is called a slab leak detection gainesville fl issue with a slab leaks in these areas. The same is true for those places in the home that show signs of the flooring warping and there is no cause for these issues beginning to form. Whatever the case or situation, it is time for an inspection, and you want this work done as soon as possible.

4. Mold and Mildew 

When water is leaking in different places around the home, you may also find that the freshness that you are used to begins to change. Some of these problems may manifest itself in more than one way including mold being seen in different places. It is also important to recognize where there is mildew since it leaves an odor that is normally easy to identify.