Key Advantages of Manufactured Homes

So, you are thinking about buying your own home. There is nothing better than actually paying that monthly rent payment for your own home. No one tells you what you can and can’t do. in your home or yard. Now the decision is, whether to go for a stick-built home or a manufactured home.

Most people like stick-built homes only because of the misconceptions of people who live in manufactured homes. They have always been considered “trailer trash, druggies, and or criminals”. These misconceptions are quickly disappearing with manufactured homes today. They have the most up to date designs that everyone is clamoring for. They have huge open floor plans with kitchens that flow into living rooms.

So, what are some more advantages of manufactured over stick-built? First of all, is the cost. The main advantage is cost. A new site home averages about $84 a square foot, whereas a manufactured home, only costs about $41 a square foot. What a great way to get a brand new home that is affordable to just about everyone. The reason manufactured homes cost less is because they cost less to build.

How is this possible? Simple, site-built homes are unique and individual, meaning the prospective homeowners pick out all different items for their homes including countertops, cabinets, flooring and more. Manufactured homes are built in controlled circumstances, with just certain items that are bought in bulk quantities. It does not mean your choices are limited, as you can upgrade many items, but as mentioned, they are bought in bulk, so it lowers the costs of building these homes. Don’t forget the weather aspects too. There are no downtimes for rain or snow, as they are built inside.

Since 1976 HUD has made more regulations that require manufactured homes to be safe and energy-efficient. While it is still recommended to leave these homes, in extreme Hurricanes, or tornadoes, they are safer than ever now. Depending on the wind zone you live in, these homes can withstand winds up 100 and 110 MPH. As a matter of fact, there are stricter regulations on manufactured homes, than there is stick built, so you are probably better off buying a manufactured home. These homes are continuously inspected, throughout the whole building step process, from being built to being installed properly on your property.

One of everyone’s favorite advantages of buying a manufactured home is the amenities. AS mentioned earlier, because the manufacturers buy in bulk, you can get better quality items added for less cost than a traditionally built home. Marble window sills, fireplaces, walk-in closets, whirlpool, and ceiling fans, are just a few to name. Some companies will even have decks added into the package for you.

The last great advantage is financing. There are just as many options to choose from as with regular built homes, and possibly even some better. If you already own land, you can get easier financing. You are also able to get FHA, VA, and USDA loans as well.

Now that you have decided on a manufactured home, where do you find one? Just type in a search for manufactured homes where you live. For instance, if you live in Kansas, near Gardner, type in a manufactured home dealer in Gardner, and it will pop up with several for you to choose from. The listings for a manufactured home dealer in Gardner, turned up at least twenty in the nearby vicinity. Do your own search for your area, and pay some visits. Ask all the questions about the advantages, and see what their options are. Happy house hunting!