One Ant Is Too Many

One of the worst things to have to deal with is pest inside of your home. I have lived in the country all of my life and I have to tell you; we certainly get our share of uninvited house guests inside of our homes. Pests can be a roach or ant infestation to mice and depending on where you live, possums and even snakes.

In our neck of the woods, mice, possum, and snakes are a huge problem. Many of my neighbors have “outside” cats that help to keep the mice at bay. But when it comes to those possums and those snakes especially, that is a whole entirely different ballpark. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to walk across the field to my neighbor’s house only to practically jump out of my skin for practically stepping on a snake.

While these types of pests are only a nuisance on the outside of my house, there are still bugs such as ants and even wasps that sometimes make their way inside especially during the summer months. I often keep a can of bug spray handy but sometimes I think that stuff is like perfume to some of these critters. It’ll work for a little while and then the bugs are right back again not too long after.

I found that one sure way to irradiate my pest problem was to enlist the help of some pest control professionals. I searched online for any pest control des moines ia and was able to find one in my area. I have to say, I’m aware that these chemicals that the professionals have access to are far more potent than what is sold to the public. However, in no way was I expecting such phenomenal results. It’s been two months since we had our house sprayed and I haven’t seen an ant anywhere near my home.

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For me, ants have to be one of the worst pests I’ve ever had to deal with since they are hard to keep out as well as get rid of. And when you have pets or children especially, you are bound to have things in or around your house that just beg the ants to enter. And once you get one, you may as well just roll out the red carpet and invite the entire colony inside.
There seems to be a strategy to getting rid of ants as you must kill the queen, but the catch is knowing where to find her. If you target the wrong mound and miss the queen, the ants will just relocate her to another mound. These definitely are some crafty and tricky little suckers. Thankfully there are professionals out there who have the know-how as well as the proper tools and products that can handle this problem. I am very pleased with the results so far and am hoping we can go the remainder of the summer ant-free. For now, my family and I get to enjoy our yard without any uninvited guest at the barbeque.